AI Chatbots are taking over this world! Over the past few years, the artificial intelligence (AI) industry has witnessed a significant revolution in innovation. And with ChatGPT leading the charge, it was only natural for other tech giants to release their alternatives for AI Chatbots. ChatGPT was made public in November 2022, and then Google entered the scene with “Bard AI” in March 2023 as a response to Open AI’s game-changing AI chatbot. It has now been renamed to “Gemini” released with a paid version. Google Bard Vs Chat GPT

For most people, ChatGPT is by far the most popular Generative AI solution, with over 180.5 million worldwide users, and Google Bard with nearly 146.6 million users in May 2023. Now that the tech giants have upgraded their AI chatbot assistant with “Gemini Pro,” the user base of Google Bard could increase. In 2024, when Gemini rolls out its new version of “Bard Advanced,” Bard might take the lead as the industry standard for business users.  

Google Bard Vs ChatGPT : What Is the Difference? 

From general content production to mathematics, code development, and reasoning, Google Bard has outperformed ChatGPT in various aspects! Although they both have a lot in common. They use natural language processing and LLM technology to provide a conversational experience. This means that all it takes to get an answer that resembles a human’s is inputting a prompt into the system. Here you can check more AI writing tools.

So, the real question is – is using AI chatbots a novelty for organizations, or will it make people work smarter? We will perform an ultimate showdown between Google Bard vs. ChatGPT so you can decide based on facts! So, stay till the end and keep reading. 

Google Bard Vs Chat GPT : Integration Capabilities 

Both models’ capacity to integrate with other systems significantly determines their viability and profitability. Take ChatGPT for an example; widespread integration of the framework has already occurred with several Microsoft products, including Teams, Edge, and Bing. 

Additionally, Google just revealed that Bing will run on an upgraded version of GPT-3.5. Thanks to this upgrade, users can speak with the search engine instead of using the search engine box. There was also a discussion about whether ChatGPT can be integrated with Opera Browser.  

Google claims that its AI chatbot will be integrated into its search engine. Like ChatGPT and Bing, Google Bard will let users ask questions of the chatbot rather than utilizing the conventional search bar. Furthermore, Google announced that it would make the chatbot accessible to third-party developers to analyze used cases of a wider variety of applications.  

Google Bard Vs Chat GPT : Internet Access 

The inability of ChatGPT to establish an Internet connection has always been a significant flaw. Even with the latest model of GPT-4, the AI chatbot uses a dataset that lacks global awareness of events that happened beyond September 2021. This makes the bot vulnerable to factual errors compared to those who can access the internet, such as Microsoft Bing AI.  

Fortunately, Google Bard has instant access to the internet in real time. Much like Bing, Bard AI can do online searches and generate intelligent responses to any queries you may have. This makes retrieving current data robust and free of significant errors. Like Bing, Bard AI provides customers with a scrollable list of URL sources at the bottom (though not frequently). Google Bard takes the lead when it comes to which AI chatbot has the latest information, Bard or ChatGPT. 

Google Bard Vs Chat GPT : Availability and Pricing 

ChatGPT has been operational for more than 24 months. Initially, it was a free model, but OpenAI unveiled a commercial version, where users pay $20 for faster speeds and priority access.  

Although Google Bard’s monetization is still mostly unknown, it’s highly likely that the model will be free for a while after going public. Before releasing it to the public, a small group of testers will analyze Google Bard’s accuracy and efficiency.  

On the other hand, ChatGPT is still growing and already has many public users. 

Google Bard Vs Chat GPT : Language Support 

The latest GPT-4 language model update now supports additional languages; the most recent LLM has provided support for more than 26 languages. These cover many languages, including Mandarin, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Italian. This makes ChatGPT a very powerful bot with excellent multilingualism. 

Currently, Google Bard is only limited to US English. Google has stated that they are working on making Bard AI speak multiple languages. When asked how many languages it can speak, it replied the same. However, Google Bard’s inability to find a poem in French effectively validated the company’s statement. It will only become clear which languages will be added first and when they will be added. 

Google Bard Vs Conversation Confinement 

These days, conversion retention is accompanied by a variety of AI chatbots. For those unaware, this implies that the chatbot will utilize the information you gave it in the past to inform its future responses. That way, if you ask a bot for a recipe once, it remembers the context and can answer your questions again. 

There is a level of conversation retention in ChatGPT. This AI chatbot can remember up to 3000 words from the current conversation. However, you cannot access your past discussions to form an answer. But still, it does an excellent job of maintaining the flow.  

Currently, Google Bard is bad at maintaining context. After asking Google Bard about’ knock-knock jokes, ‘ Bard generated a different response when given a follow-up question. Google has made it clear that, for the time being, Bard AI’s capacity to maintain context is purposefully limited. The bot will continue to learn more as its contextual intelligence grows.  

So, Google Bard Vs ChatGPT : Who Is the Ultimate Winner?  

Both Google BARD and Chat GPT offer excellent features and capabilities for creating AI chatbots. Because both are similar yet very different, it’s hard to answer this question fairly. On the one hand, Google Bard’s potential remains unexplored; on the other hand, ChatGPT’s training data was compromised!  

Both Google Bard and ChatGPT are text generators; you request a query, and they will respond. Billions of parameters are needed for each to fit the model. Both are built on the same neural network model, Transformer, with overlapping training data sources. 

They are also built for different purposes. Bard will guide you through a Google search. It is intended to be interactive. ChatGPT will generate all the blog posts for you. Its goal is to create understandable fragments of text.  

Ultimately, the technical distinctions between ChatGPT and Google Bard show the advancements made in AI-powered text creation technologies. Although work is still to be done, and both generators have raised issues with copyright and ethics, they are excellent examples of modern AI models. 


AI chatbots are transforming the way businesses interact with their customers. Google BARD and Chat GPT are powerful tools in conversational AI, offering a range of features and capabilities. However, companies should evaluate their needs when choosing between these powerful AI chatbots. If you want to make use of these AI Chatbots on your website, contact our expert SEO Consultants now!!!